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How do your DC-Hybrids systems work?

Our systems works in a very simple manner. The systems make Hydrogen and Oxygen gas on demand and add this gas to the combustion process. This leads to efficiency in the combustion process and lowers the amount of fossil fuel needed to operate the engine.Our control systems regulate the production and flow of gas as well as tune the sensors on the engine to optimize the effects of this supplemental fuel.

Do I have to add chemicals to the System?

Our high grade electrode material performs best when used with distilled water and a small amount of catalyst to help the water become more conductive. Biodegradable compounds such as Potassium and Sodium Hydroxide (common Lye) are the the most common electrolytes used. Our system is engineered to use a relatively weak solution, which makes it one of the safest systems on the market.

Does this system affect the warranty?

Our Hydrogen on Demand system benefits the engine function, therefore it does not affect most warranties. The Hybrid Conversions system actually allows the engine to operate cleaner, due to a carbon cleansing process, as well as more efficiently. Water vapor already is present inside regular engine components and is often seen emitted from a vehicle's tail pipe when the engine is turned on. Hydrogen combustion causes no additional corrosion to the engine.

How will this affect my engineís temperature?

Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules combine to form water molecules during combustion. this produces a very fine water vapor immediately following combustion. Although the water present in no greater than humid air overall lower operating temperatures have been noted.

How safe is Hydrogen On Demand?

Our system only creates hydrogen while the engine is operational. Therefore, it is very safe.

What happens if I donít add water?

Quite literally, not a thing adverse will happen to the unit. The system will hibernate until water is added, as required.

Is the DC-Hybrids system available for Consumers and road vehicles at this time?

Yes! Our company has successfully distributed and installed thousands of systems globally. A global network or distributors and installers is currently in place. Our consumer aftermarket systems are one of our top selling products.

We also have distributor specifically targeting corporate clients with a focus on heavy duty trucks, buses, and locomotives..

Who do you plan to sell the device to now and for what industries?

Our initial target market is for fleet vehicles, specifically heavy duty trucks, and locomotives. Much of the initial interest is coming from Northern and Southern American, European, and Australian trucking fleets for corporations and municipalities. We currently have prototype test systems in the Marine, Aviation, and water purification markets for our Hydrogen On Demand technology.